The Girl on the Train

“There’s nothing so painful, so corrosive, as suspicion.”

The Strange Library

“The tricky thing about mazes is that you don’t know if you’ve chosen the right path until the very end.”

Let It Snow

“There is nothing about a bad situation that fourteen hyper cheerleaders can’t worsen.”

An Abundance of Katherines

“I figured something out. The future is unpredictable.”

Will Grayson, Will Grayson

“It’s hard to believe in coincidence, but it’s even harder to believe in anything else.”

The Three

“You never think it’s going to happen to you, do you?”

Elizabeth is Missing

“I forget things – I know that – but I’m not mad. Not yet. And I’m sick of being treated as if I am.”

The Strain

“Night is real. Night is not an absence of light, but in fact, it is daytime that is a brief respite from the looming darkness.”

Before I Go To Sleep

“What are we, if not an accumulation of our memories?”


“She would say that we create our own reality – that the truth, ultimately, is what we choose to believe.”